June 30, 2015

I hear a little firecracker go off when you come up with a good rhyme. – Garrison Keillor


STUFF I KNOW BY ME © Kathleen McKern Verigin


A funny thing happened on a recent drive home from the swimming pool. I was at a stop light in a left turn lane. Both front windows were down. Suddenly a truck pulls up to my right, driven by a man about my age whom I would guess to be an aging hippy and/or vet. This because of the icons hanging from his rear view mirror. He said hello first. I said hello back. Then the funny thing happened:

He:  I’m on my way to school
Me:  I just came from the pool.
He:  That’s cool.
Me: Yep, we’re no fools.
Aware that we were conversing in rhyme, we both let out a hearty laugh. And then the rhyming continued.
He:  I think we’re poets.
Me:  I know it.
He: Let’s show it.
Me: So we don’t blow it.

With that his light turned green. Before hitting the gas he announced:  “I’m going to keep rhyming all day!” He then peeled out, his left arm giving a big wave as I continued to wait for my green light.
That brief encounter, lasting only seconds, gave me tremendous joy. I laughed all the way home and continued to do so while I shared the rhyme story with my husband. What is it about a corny rhyme that feels so good?

Psychologists say that children process words by sound while adults process by meaning. We’re all familiar with nursery rhymes, many of us able to quote some with perfect accuracy. Might rhyming be the antidote to the fading memory that plagues most of us from middle age on? Maybe we need to let our Inner Child out to play more often by occasionally conversing in rhyme. So…

Farewell for now
As I make a vow
To continue to wow
With rhymes that go pow

Be nice to me. I wrote that in about 15 seconds. No edits. Just pure fun.  Monday, while driving home from the pool, I was again stopped at the same light preparing to turn left. I was aware of a car pulling up to my right. We both had our windows up. No eye contact was made. But I smiled remembering my rhyming buddy on his way to school. Our encounter was cool.

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