Forty What?

“It is all about numbers. It is all about sequence. It’s the mathematical logic of being alive. If everything kept to its normal progression, we would live with the sadness–cry and then walk–but what really breaks us cleanest are the losses that happen out of order.” –Aimee Bender, American author

There are many theories circulating about the meaning of Covid19, including Biblical prophecy. Whether Christian or not, you must admit that the spiritual alignment with the number 40 is interesting. The passage below has been circulating on Facebook and caught my attention. I do not know the source, but I invite you to ponder it as food for thought. The number 40. Hmmm…..

The official lock down started March 23 and will likely end May 1st. That is EXACTLY 40 days. The Latin root of the word “quarantine” is “forty”.

So what does the Bible say about 40?

  • The flood lasted 40 days.
  • 40 years Moses fled Egypt.
  • 40 days Moses stayed on Mount Sinai to receive the Commandments.
  • Exodus lasted 40 years.
  • Jesus fasted for 40 days.
  • 40 days for a woman to rest after giving birth.
  • Optimum number of weeks for human gestation is 40.
  • A group of theologians thinks the number 40 represents “change.” It is the time of preparing a person, or people, to make a fundamental change.
  • Something will happen after these 40 days. Just believe and pray.
  • Remember, whenever the number 40 appears in the Bible, there is a “change.”
  • Please know that during this “quarantine” rivers are cleaning up, vegetation is growing, the air is becoming cleaner because of less pollution, there is less theft and murder, healing is happening, and most importantly, people are turning to Christ.
  • The Earth is at rest for the first time in many years and hearts are truly transforming.
  • Remember we are in the year 2020, and 20 + 20 = 40.
  • Also, 2020 is the year of the United States Census. Jesus Christ, the savior of the world, was born during a census.
  • Lastly, 2020 is perfect vision.

May our sight focus on the Lord and living according to His perfect vision for us knowing He holds us in the palm of His hand.

May these days of “quarantine” bring spiritual liberation to our souls, our nation, and our world.