July 15, 2015

“No single decision you ever made has led in a straight line to where you find yourself now.” Deepak Chopra


STUFF I KNOW BY ME © Kathleen McKern Verigin


Don’t you sometimes just want someone to make a decision for you? Not only does it free up inner turmoil, it also allows us to blame that someone if the outcome of the decision isn’t to our liking. Trust me. I’ve thought this through too many times to count. But what it all comes down to is choice. We have been given the gift of free will. The ability to make choices. To decide. Let’s get literal here for a moment. According to the dictionary:

Decide:  to choose something after thinking about it
De:  removal or separation
Cide:  to cut or kill (think homicide, pesticide, matricide, etc.)

So to DE-CIDE, then I must separate from that which is killing. To cut off from uncertainty, to remove myself from that which is draining my life force. For me, it’s how I can easily slip into over-thinking something. To listen only to my head. No wonder I have been feeling off kilter!

The Anam Cara Journey follows the triple spiral as a blueprint for life in general, and also the specifics of life like making a decision. If, like me, you are in decision making mode, ask yourself these questions:

Spiral One: What does my physical body say about this decision?
Spiral Two:  What does my mental body say about this decision?
Spiral Three:  What does my emotional body say about this decision?

Then invite your inner guidance to weave a thread through all three spirals. That thread is Spirit, God, Creator, Higher Power, All That Is. For me, it is my highest good, reminding me that the waters of possibility are not gunky at all. They are deliciously clear and comforting.

Today is the New Moon. It’s a time to plant a seed, to set something into motion. With this in mind, and my body and heart engaged, I am restored to fluid balance. It is from that place that I joyfully move forward with the decision I get to make.

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