September 19, 2017


“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which,
if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.” ~ Henry David Thoreau


One September, before my yoga class began, people were exchanging thoughts about the changing seasons. I mentioned that the autumn equinox was about to arrive. “Oh no,” was what I heard in response. “I’m not ready for summer to be over,” said a woman who loves to garden. “I dread the darkness,” said another.

I pondered this throughout my yoga practice. If autumn is literally about harvesting the fruits of our labor, what symbolic fruits am I to enjoy today? I let my thoughts roam as I reflected on the year that has passed since the last Fall. How and where did I labor this past year? What fruits are emerging as a result of that labor? Where am I resisting?

The answer didn’t come until the very end of class when the teacher invited us to into Savasana. This is sometimes called “corpse pose,” as we lie on our backs, arms at our sides, palms up, and then simply rest.

When the teacher reminded us to surrender, the world YIELD popped into my mind. Used as a verb, to yield means to give over, to give up, to surrender the right of way. I think that was the resistance to autumn that I was hearing before class. However, yield used as a noun means, “…A profit obtained from an investment; a return.”

Anticipating this year’s autumn equinox (Friday, September 22, 1:02pm PDT), I reflect on where I have invested my energy, and what is now returning as a result. I intend to yield to the official arrival of autumn. To let go of my resistance to letting go. To accept that I will be “directed aright” as Thoreau said. I have worked hard enough at “getting” what my life is about. It’s time to yield, and share the yield with joy. What about you?

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