Past Travels

Kathleen’s Travels to Ireland & Scotland

Autumn 1998 –Kathleen & her husband Doug traveled about Ireland on a self-guided 12-day tour.

Spring 2000 – Kathleen spent a month in Ireland immersing herself in the study of Celtic Spirituality and its pagan roots.

Spring 2002 – Kathleen co-created and co-led a 10-day Ireland tour with 22 travelers, mix of women and men.

Spring 2004 –Kathleen designed and then co-led a tour with an experienced minister who had led tours all over the world, another mix of women and men.

Spring 2006 – Kathleen designed and led her first solo Ireland tour for an intimate group of 12 women and 2 men.

Spring 2007 – Kathleen’s first all-women’s Ireland tour with 18 “Moonbeams.”

Spring 2008 – Second all-women’s Ireland tour, this time with 18 “Celtic Queens.”

Spring 2009 –Kathleen spent a month alone in Ireland, anchoring in Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare, for a private writing retreat.

Spring 2010 –Kathleen offered an Ireland tour for 10 “Robbie’s Angels,” all women, with one mother/adult son duo.

Spring 2011 –Kathleen’s first tour that she designed and booked herself, enrolling 10 “Cheekie” travelers, all women and one man, another mother/son duo. Anam Cara Tours LLC formed upon return from this pilgrimage.

Spring 2012 – Sacred site tour of Ireland, this one a pilgrimage for 15 women titled “Exploring the Geography of the Soul.”

Spring 2013 – Kathleen co-led with Rev. Angelica Taggart a women’s Goddess Tour of Ireland.

Spring 2014 – Kathleen’s 9th Ireland tour, this one focused on the Wild West of Dingle, The Burren, and Connemara.

Spring 2015 –Wild Atlantic Northwest tour, visiting Donegal, Mayo, Connemara, The Burren.

Spring 2015 – Kathleen & Doug roam the Highlands of Scotland, scouting sites for an eventual tour.

Spring 2016 – Land of Spirits, Saints & Scholars, touring the Boyne Valley, Wicklow Mountains, plains of Kildare.

Spring 2016 – Kathleen’s first Scotland tour, “Romantic Highlands,” visiting Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Isle of Skye & Isles of Mull & Iona.

Spring 2017 – Ireland tour, Rich in History, Wild in Spirit, focusing on The Burren, Connemara, Sligo.

Spring 2018 – Best of the Southwest Ireland tour, touring West Cork, Dingle & The Burren.

Spring 2019 – Ireland, Land of Spirits, Saints & Scholars, Counties Meath, Sligo, Mayo & Clare.

Spring 2019 – Scottish Highlands, Castles, Cathedrals & Clans, with 2-night stay on the sacred Isle of Iona.

Spring 2020 – Ireland & Scotland tours cancelled due to pandemic.

Spring 2021 – Tour business still fluctuating due to pandemic

Spring 2022 – Wild Mid-Atlantic Way Tour visiting Counties Mayo, Galway & Clare.