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Anam Cara Connections is a 501(c)(3) non-profit registered with the State of Oregon. ACC is identified by the IRS as a charity for religious purposes. We prefer to call ourselves a ministry. ACC is able to license and ordain ministers similar to what a traditional seminary would offer. The difference is that ACC does not teach the student how to be a minister. Rather, through mentoring and course work, we help evoke the ministry that is already within the woman.

Anam Cara Connections and its ministry program is inspired by the tenets of Celtic Spiritualty and New Thought. Click here to read about our current ACC ministers!


“Celtic Spirituality draws its inspiration from the earliest manifestation of Christianity in the British Isles – an offering which was also inspired by the wisdom of pre-Christian Ireland. In the prayers of the early church of these islands, in their passion and their practice of the faith, there is a clarity and simplicity and wisdom that speaks directly to many of the concerns of our age.”

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“New Thought is a mind-healing movement that originated in the 19th-century United States. It has no one creed, while its fundamental teaching is that Spirit is more real and more powerful than matter, and that the mind has the power to heal the body. Major groups within the New Thought movement includes: Unity Worldwide Ministries, Church of Religious Science, and Divine Science.”

Religious Science:
Divine Science:

SPIRAL ONE – Archetypal Studies

“The Gods and Goddesses of myth, legend and fairy tale represent archetypes, real potencies and potentialities deep within the psyche, which, when allowed to flower, permit us to be more fully human.” – Margot Adler, American author (1946-2014)

Rev. Kathleen McKern Verigin offers a 9-month Anam Cara Journey women’s circle, studying archetypal patterns and, ultimately, claiming a dormant archetype. This is an aspect of your Sacred Contract for this lifetime that is ready to be revealed and integrated. (See Mentoring for more details.)

The group meets on the second Saturday of the month, September through June, 10:00am-3:00pm, at Rev. Kathleen’s workshop space in rural McMinnville, Oregon. In the weeks between group sessions, each woman has a private one-on-one mentoring session with Rev. Kathleen, in person or by phone. Tuition is set at the beginning of each new circle. All tuition payments are made directly to Anam Cara Connections.

The June group gathering—the 10th month—is a series of individual ceremonies honoring the dormant archetype that is now ready to be claimed and integrated. The ceremony will include vows written by Rev. Kathleen, plus the writing and reading of the woman’s personal Creed. The student assumes all costs involved in her June ceremony. It’s a joyous occasion, to witness and be witnessed.

The dictionary defines creed as “…a set of beliefs or aims that guide someone’s actions.”

SPIRAL TWO – Active Leadership

“I think leadership is service and there is power in that giving: to help people, to inspire and motivate them to reach their fullest potential.” – Denise Morrison, CEO Campbell Soup Company

If an anam cara feels called to ministry through ACC, she next completes a year of service and/or apprenticeship, demonstrating concepts of leadership and group dynamics, and an understanding of spiritual tools and concepts. This phase can be waived if the ministerial candidate can show proof of past or current leadership that is complementary to ACC studies. This may include teaching or leading workshops, organizing and facilitating retreats, or offering her own ACC Journey circle with Rev. Kathleen as her mentor. Other considerations for waiver may include:

  • Licensed Unity Teacher
  • Science of Mind Practitioner
  • Spiritual Director
  • Chaplain
  • Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator
  • Ordained Shamanic Healer
  • Accredited Life Coach
  • Ministers trained & licensed by another governing body

Certificates and/or transcripts of completion will be required.

SPIRAL THREE – Ministerial Licensure

“I believe there’s a calling for all of us. I know that every human being has value and purpose. The real work of our lives is to become aware. And awakened. To answer the call.”  ― Oprah Winfrey, Visionary

Once Rev. Kathleen and the Anam Cara Connections core council feels the above pathways are completed, the candidate begins 12-15 months of concentrated studies with Rev. Debbie Taylor. She is a licensed and ordained Unity minister and founder/director of her company, Blue Acorn LLC. (

Her commitment is to mentor each candidate through a combination of academic understanding, as well as further self-exploration, preparing them for licensure.

The third spiral is designed more specifically for each candidate. The candidate’s previous life/work experience and education is taken into consideration by Rev. Debbie, indicative of what curricula already exists, the student’s strengths, and what still needs additional study.

This mentoring study will expand the candidate’s increased comprehension, directly supporting her eventual ministry. After meeting with the candidate, Rev. Debbie designs the third spiral, which may incorporate a wide variety of subjects such as:

  • Ethics & boundaries
  • Forgiveness
  • Conflict management
  • Business marketing
  • Enneagram & instincts application
  • Metaphysical interpretation
  • Pastoral care
  • Ritual and community
  • Lesson & professional presentation
  • Self-care & coping strategies
  • Understanding world religions
  • Organizational development
  • Prayer & sacredness
  • Substance
  • Service
  • Intentionality
  • Leadership skills
  • Spiritual gifts

The candidate will gain her understanding as experienced through numerous applications of learning: written assignments, readings, presentations, role play, journaling, self-evaluation, discussion, practice, reflection, and homework.

Throughout this course of study, the student will also meet every few months with
Rev. Kathleen at her office in McMinnville, Oregon, to self-evaluate their progress. Additionally, the candidate will be expected to complete all assignments in a timely manner, including a comprehensive vitae/resume and compilation of coursework to share with the ACC Core Council. At that point, the candidate will come before a panel of licensed ministers as one of the final steps towards licensing.

Once completing these steps, Rev. Kathleen will then present this ministerial candidate to the Anam Cara Connections Core Council for licensure approval.

With the blessings of ACC, a date is chosen for the candidate’s licensure ceremony, written and conducted by Revs. Kathleen and Debbie.

There is a one-time licensing fee of $300, paid to Anam Cara Connections. Newly licensed ministers will be listed on ACC’s website, and will initially receive personalized business cards as a gift from Anam Cara Connections. The new minister will be covered by ACC’s insurance (Church Mutual) should they offer a class, workshop or retreat through Anam Cara Connections.

The minister will also be able list ACC as their governing body on marriage licenses, as required by the State of Oregon. The minister is encouraged to continue and deepen her spiritual studies towards Ordination.


“The sacrament of Ordination, in the literal sense, is the act of being made a priest(ess) and officially taking up the life task of channeling the sacred.” – Carolyn Myss, author/medical intuitive

The overarching belief of Anam Cara Connections is that “We Are All One” – any separation is an illusion. That is why we have named the Ordination path as the Oneness Spiral. It is through Oneness that the minister expands her consciousness, while deepening her relationship with the Divine in preparation for sharing her ministry with others.

Holding a current ministry license, either through ACC or another approved entity, is a requirement for ordination. Once the licensed minister has a written vision plan and/or has an active ministry (approved by Anam Cara Connections), they can then be considered for ordination status. The minister, now ordinand, will begin to work with Rev. Debbie Taylor in developing her personal Credo document. Such a document entails her own spiritual beliefs, truths, ministry, theology, and spiritual practices.

The dictionary defines Credo as “…a statement of the beliefs or aims that guide someone’s actions.”

Generally, this spiral takes concentrated time and devotion over a series of months. The Credo is considered Master’s level work, as it involves deep introspection, practice of spiritual principles, and concise professional articulation. Self-actualizing aspects of professional presence, spiritual discernment, trust, faith, doubt, shadow work, as well as theological orientation will be explored during the ordination pathway.

Rev. Kathleen will occasionally check in to discuss the ordinand’s progress/direction. This will be done by attending a mentoring session at Rev. Debbie’s counseling office, or by Skype. Once Rev. Debbie approves the Credo requirements, the final thesis (generally 18-25 pages in length) is submitted to Rev. Kathleen and the ACC Core Council, demonstrating readiness for ordination. Rev. Debbie will offer confidential recommendations to the ACC council in preparation.

Next, the ordinand comes before a panel of spiritual leaders and professional peers for their careful review, facilitated by Rev. Kathleen. Once all written/verbal assignments and standards have been met, with all parties in agreement, Rev. Kathleen will present the ordinand to the Anam Cara Connections Core Council, recommending them for ordination.

The ordinand assumes all costs and organization of her special ordination ceremony (in conjunction with Revs. Kathleen and Debbie), including a one-time fee of $500 paid to Anam Cara Connections. The newly ordained minister will receive a clerical stole as a gift from ACC recognizing the work they have accomplished. She will also be listed on ACC’s website, now as a recognized leader within Anam Cara Connections. This may include offering classes, workshops, ceremonies, events and retreats, as well serving as a representative on behalf of Anam Cara Connections amidst the wider spiritual communities.


Every human being is richly unique, just like their call to ministry. This distinctive ministerial program for women does it’s very best to acknowledge a candidate’s Divine nature, along with amazing life experiences, academic achievements, and a deep desire to be in loving service with Spirit.

Rev. Kathleen and Anam Cara Connections, with Rev. Debbie and Blue Acorn LLC, are extremely honored to help each woman unlock what’s already inside her–your greatest soul friend, your anam cara.

Rev. Kathleen McKern Verigin


Rev. Debbie Taylor