Five Anam Cara Journey Circles Starting in the Fall

We are delighted to share that five anam caras will be leading their own Anam Cara Journey mentoring circles this Fall, all in the greater Portland area. Stay tuned!!!

You are Invited to Take a Sacred Journey
A journey into the most intimate parts of yourself. . .

An Archetypal Journey into your Sacred Sexuality

Join a small group of women for
The Anam Cara* Journey
A Woman’s Guide to Sensuality, Sexuality & Spirituality

Over the course of the next nine-months, we will take the Anam Cara journey together. It is a Celtic pathway to self-discovery, focusing on archetypes that will reveal a dormant part of Self, ready and ripe for re-claiming. This particular group will focus on our relationship to our bodies – our sensuality and our sexuality. How do the various archetypes affect our view of ourselves? How do religious and societal messages play into that? How have the archetypes of the virgin, mother, prostitute and others shaped us and our relationship to our sexuality and sensuality?

This is not therapy or church. It is not witchcraft, the creation of a cult, New Age mumbo jumbo or a place to give away your power. It is designed to enhance whatever spiritual path you are already on. This is an opportunity to go more deeply into your Feminine Essence, to witness and be witnessed by others on a similar journey, to claim and activate your sacred contract for this lifetime, to come home to yourself—to be enriched, empowered, and companioned, and to have Fun! Is it your turn?


Throughout the nine-month Anam Cara Journey, under the mentorship of Rev. Beth Astarte and with the support of like-spirited women, we will explore archetypes in the way we might go shopping for new glasses. We try on many until the right and perfect pair of glasses emerge that allow us to see and be seen in a new, more empowering way. It is the same with archetypes.

We look for patterns in our lives, including feminine ancestral beliefs and behaviors around sensuality, sexuality and our bodies that we have unknowingly taken on as our truth. Is it mine, or does it need to be left behind? How did our religious/spiritual beliefs play into that? What shame do we still carry and wants to be forgiven? How has the emerging women’s movements and #MeToo affected the way we see ourselves?

We look for patterns that are considered shadow aspects of sexuality that are fraught with limited beliefs. What is holding you back from fully embracing your sensual nature?

We look for patterns that shine the light on feminine archetypes emerging at this time on the planet through the lens of our sensuality and sexuality. Is it time for you to claim queen, goddess, mother, prostitute or crone?

We look for patterns in ways we have sabotaged our relationship to our bodies and to others. How can we befriend the Saboteur?

During the monthly gatherings, there will be no nudity, touching of others or any activity that is overtly sexual. Due to the sensitive nature of the topic, sharing will always be an option. You will, however, be given assignments to work on at home that may involve sensual and/or sexual activity—with a partner or alone.


The group of 10-15 women will meet in Beth’s Beaverton home on the first Saturday of each month, October through June. Individual mentoring sessions are scheduled monthly via phone. There will be a day of claiming ceremonies in mid-June. Investment is $163 a month for both the monthly gathering and individual mentoring. A one-time fee of $39 is charged to cover the manual and materials. You pay whether you are present or not. If you pay for the entire journey, you get one month free. Returning Anam Caras may join for the special price of $125 a month.


The first gathering will be Saturday, October 6th, 10 am-3 pm. You are encouraged to bring a snack and beverage to support your body. Beth will have water and tea on hand. The date for your claiming ceremony will be Saturday, June 15th, likely at another location. There may be an additional fee to cover excess rent.


Rev. Beth Astarte is passionate about helping people connect to their inner heart wisdom and have a fully-embodied experience on their unique spiritual journey. She has over 20 years of experience volunteering or working in spiritual settings. Beth first completed the Anam Cara Journey in June 2014, claiming the Triple Goddess as her archetype. She found this to be a powerful process and was honored to lead her own circle in 2015, focusing on women’s sensuality and sexuality and its innate sacredness. In 2017, Rev. Beth received her ministerial license through Anam Cara Connections. She is also a certified Our Whole Lives sexuality educator and an initiate in the Western Hermetic Mystical tradition..

“Beth Astarte’s work with Anam Caras allows for a solid foundation so that participants relax into the little realized work of sensual attention. Living life with a sense-filled experience makes all the difference.” – Lisa

“For me taking the Anam Cara journey for the second time with Beth was special. With the emphasis on Sex and Sacred Sensuality I was able to heal some past wounds, discover resources to continue my growth, and be in a position to develop and express a new relationship toward my sensuality and sexuality. Beth is a warm, supportive and wise mentor. She creates a place of safety for all participants.” – Susan


Contact Beth Astarte directly at 503-307-4357 or email