Discover & Claim a Dormant Archetype
Unique to Your Spiritual Path

Rev. Kathleen McKern Verigin
Minister ~ Priestess ~ Mentor

  • Is there a stirring in your soul that begs for a safe place to roam and explore?
  • Do you long for a listener who is spiritually mature, open, candid, compassionate and caring?
  • Are you ready to look deeply into the metaphysical mirror, seeing the eyes of an anam cara, soul friend, gazing back at you?


It’s time to call together another intimate circle of spiritually mature women for a 9-month Anam Cara (soul friend) gestation & birthing process. It will conclude with a re-claiming ceremony celebrating an archetype imprinted at birth, and reclaimed through the Teachings of the Triple Spiral. To date over 150 women have completed the 9-month program, each with flying colors, deeper roots, and greater sense of presence in the world. Is it your turn?

September 2017 thru May 2018
(Second Saturdays)
Initiation Ceremony Day ~ June 9, 2018

Investment of $163 a month includes…

  • Monthly 4-hour group gathering the second Saturday of the month at Dream Acres west of McMinnville. (Time negotiable by group)
  • Monthly one-hour mentoring session with Rev. Kathleen, in person or by phone.
  • Email contact as needed.
  • All day group ceremony — Saturday, January 9, 2018 (10am-4pm)
  • Initiation Ceremony Retreat Day — June 11, 2018 (9am-6pm)

Additional Expenses: One-time purchase of The Anam Cara Journey, the soul-book that companions the program, at a reduced rate, plus one-time fee for collage and other ceremony materials, totaling $39.00.

This is not therapy or church. It is not witchcraft, the creation of a cult, New Age mumbo jumbo or a place to give away your power. It is designed to enhance whatever spiritual path you are already on.

This is an opportunity to go more deeply into your Feminine Essence, to witness and be witnessed by others on a similar journey, to claim and activate your sacred contract for this lifetime, to come home to yourself—to be enriched, empowered, and companioned, and to have Fun!

Rev. Kathleen McKern Verigin

Designed for a minimum of 8 women, maximum of 12.
Deposit of $75 required to hold your space – will be applied to first month fee.
(Non-refundable if you drop out. Refundable if group doesn’t form)



© Rev. Kathleen McKern Verigin

September 9 – Arrival – Maiden
Archetypal exploration of your arrival in this lifetime—what is the family story of your birth? Through collecting old photos, journaling and creating Anam (collage) Cards, discover what the Truth was/is of your birth.

October 14 – Aliveness – Mother
Facing our fears about being alive, confronting and giving up ambivalence about living a full life. Powerful ancestral “give back” ceremony as we claim the essence of our grandmother and mother, forming an empowering personal Trinity of Belonging.

November 11 – Aspiration – Queen
Reflecting on what we aspired to be and do when we were little. What feminine characters did you resonate with—Wonder Woman? Della Street? Pollyanna?

December 9 – Visibility – Artist
Exploring patterns of visibility and invisibility. Through what “eyes” do you view life, including your own? Meditation taps into the 6th chakra as we delve into the archetypes of seer and mystic.

January 13 – Vulnerability – Visionary
Embracing the discomforts that arise when we are seen for who and what we really are. The group gathering centers on the Ancient New Years’ Rites of Renewal ceremonies and claiming your Guiding Word for 2018.

February 10 – Viability – Healer
Feeling the “quickening” that signals new life as we align with the Feast Day of Brighid, Irish saint and goddess, known for archetype of healer. Candle blessing with Brighid’s perpetual flame from Ireland.

March 10 – Renew – Alchemist
Awakening to the newness about to break through the surface. Imagine the courage a tiny plant faces when first emerging from the dark earth and into the light. Or the courage of metal when held to the fire!

April 14 – Reveal – Priestess
Shedding the various issues that have been blocking our way, rising above what held you back. Experience a powerful Mary Magdalene ceremony, “…in memory of Her. “

May 12 – Rebirth
When you gather all the “dots” from the past several months, now creating a whole pattern, what is revealed? This is your archetype ready for integration!!!

June 9, 2018 ~ REUNION ~ Claiming Ceremony