Anam Cara Journey for Women

A Celtic Path to Courage, Creativity & Community

Designed & Facilitated by Kathleen McKern Verigin

  • ACJ book coverIs there a stirring in your soul that begs for a safe place to roam and explore?
  • Do you long for a listener who is spiritually mature, open, candid, compassionate and caring?
  • Are you ready to look deeply into the metaphysical mirror, seeing the eyes of an anam cara gazing back at you?

Contact Kathleen if you’d like to start your own anam cara  circle using her book, The Anam Cara Journey: A Guide for Women Seeking Courage, Creativity & Community.


From Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom by John O’Donohue

“…someone who joyfully embraces their life, questions and suffering as an extension of their own – someone with whom we can speak the language of the heart – someone one’s soul cannot be without.”

“…every soul friend needs another with whom to pray, to seek advice, to help discern the sometimes imperceptible movements of the heart.”

“…soul friends are a way toward union with God.”

Spring 2011 011Kathleen has served as an Anam Cara Mentor to hundreds of spiritual seekers, including ministerial students, successful business people, educators, couples, and clergy. “Mentoring,” says Kathleen, “means that I have walked a similar spiritual path and have swept it clean just a few steps ahead of you.”

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